Lead Conversion Experts

optimize your time and efficiency by having your leads converted by our practiced sales agents.

We provide fully practiced sales agents that convert your leads which allows you to focus on what you do best: Be an entrepreneur.

Wasting time trying to convert leads?

More then 50% of the SaaS companies are restricting their company from growing due to inefficient spending of time. This includes tasks as Sales, Customer support, and other daily tasks that do not add value to the development of your company.

We have a solution for you!

WeClose provides (SaaS)companies with excellent sales support in multiple languages done by experienced sales agents. By outsourcing your sales, you are able to focus on the next steps of your organisation while we we focus on one thing; Close those deals

Which will result in...

Valuable Time Saved

By making use of our sales services you can spend your time on moving your company in the right direction, instead of wasting hours every day calling and emailing to prospects.

Conversion Efficiency

Even though we understand that you are probably very capable of selling your product, throughout our experience in B2B sales, we make use of a sales strategy by implementing a framework into the sales process, which is proven to be successful.

Stress-free Results

Nothing is more stressful than a day spent on calling and emailing, while you know there are other things you have to get done for your company to proceed into the next phase. So why not let us worry about the targets, and start focussing on the tasks you enjoy.

See what our clients have to say


“Levi is an enthusiastic goal-getter. Intrinsically motivated. He will bring you further.”
Joris Landkroon
Co-founder/CEO of CLIENDO
“Levi is a motivated young professional with excellent communication skills. He is eager to learn about international entrepreneurship and adapts fast to every job. High energy, great network.”
Baltabek Mukashev
Chairman Eurasia Group

Why Work With Us?


Fluent in Multiple Languages

Experiences in Several Fields of business

Flexible In Hours

A result-based partnership without binding contracts

a minimum of only 1.5 hours per day

No more time wasted on training and recruiting

predictive analytics
prototyping process

How does it work?

Our Process

Personal Introduction

Just to get to know your business

Set KPIs

Let's talk about goals

Assemble the Onboarding materials

Help us help you as efficient as possible

Introduction to one of our sales agent

Let's start selling

Feedback and optimising the selling process

Let’s talk results, every two weeks

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